Does Testosterone Impact A Person’s Sleep?

testosterone and sleep

The image that most people have immediately when the word “testosterone” is mentioned, is a hyperactive male who is aggressive in behavior and sexually active to a high degree.

While some of the above can be true in males who continually have high levels of the hormone, there is not a one size fits all relationship here.

One interesting result of the varying levels of testosterone in the bodies of males is to do with how much quality sleep they get. 

A “good night’s sleep” could be characterized as enough sleep to feel really rested upon waking up in the morning, and yet some people can get along with very few hours of sleep.

It seems that as men age, there is a tendency for the quality of their sleep to decline, and perhaps the declining levels of testosterone in their bodies is a factor.

The levels of testosterone in a man’s body starts to decline around age 30, and it continues on for the rest of his life until in his 80’s there seems to be very little left. Thus the link between declining sleep habits and the decrease of testosterone is perhaps a reality.

Actual quality sleep goes through several cycles, from a preliminary “surface” sleep, where a person can be easily awakened, to a deeper stage, where the true rest and bodily recuperation occurs. In many cases, people who report that they do not get a good night’s sleep experience, very rarely or never do get into the deep sleep cycle

It has been shown in scientific studies that the individual who has low levels of testosterone will have his brain waves altered to the degree that when he sleeps, his sleep cycle rarely, or never, gets over into the deep sleep cycle.

There are tests that can be conducted to determine a person’s testosterone levels, and if a person is having sleep difficulty, then there are ways to inject or take oral medication to raise the testosterone level. You can also try taking supplements such as the ones profiled on the Natural Testosterone Supplements for Men website  

This could be the simple solution for a man’s bad sleep experiences, which will leave him with fatigue, mental fogginess, and a general state of malaise the next morning.

Not being able to sleep through the night so that one awakens rested, fresh and ready to go, is a bigger problem than many people think. It has been shown that increasing a man’s testosterone to the proper levels will go a long way toward improving his sleep experience.