What Are The Best Supplements For Men?

supplements for men

Feeling good, both inside and out, is a priority for everyone, men included! However, if you are a guy who is keen to look after your health and wellbeing, you may be wondering which of the endless supplements are worth taking? We know that it can be overwhelming to choose between the many pills, liquids, and powders available, so allow us to tell you about a few supplements that we think are worthy of your consideration.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can work wonders in your body. As well as being required to produce enough testosterone, Vitamin D also helps to maintain healthy bones, to prevent mood disorders and to control blood pressure levels. It can also help to lower inflammation in the body, and we all know that inflammation is no one’s best friend.

Vitamin B12

While you may be taking in a sufficient amount of B12 in your diet (you tend to get it from foods like beef, poultry, and eggs), men can have trouble with absorption, especially if they take various medications. If you are not sure about how your B12 levels are shaping up, you can have them tested to decide whether and how much you need to supplement by.

Vitamins A C and E

These are known as antioxidant vitamins and can fight free radical damage. By ensuring our body has plenty of these Vitamins we can cut down the chance of issues like cancer, vision loss, heart disease, and very importantly, the aging process!

In fact, antioxidant vitamins can also help to avoid irritated skin, dry skin conditions, and a weakened immune system. Certainly, these are supplements very worthy of our consideration!

Vitamin K

Heart disease is responsible for countless deaths among adult men. Having a Vitamin K deficiency may not be helping in these cases. Vitamin K helps the body to build and maintain strong bones, as well as aiding in blood clotting.


An essential electrolyte which plays a role in over 300 different chemical processes, Magnesium can help to prevent conditions such as high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease as well as many others. Men who have to cope with a lot of stress, have regular workouts or have a digestive disorder can have low magnesium levels.

Fish Oil

We often hear about fish oil these days and the many benefits that it can bring. Make sure that you are getting the right ratio of your Omegas; you should be aiming to get double the Omega-6s to the Omega-3s.

Indeed, if you are a man who cares about his overall health and appearance you do well to consider the supplements available on the market and consult a site such as supplementinvestigator.com. Rather than get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available, take the time to find out which supplement could make a real difference in your life. Remember, consulting a healthcare provider is the right way of diagnosing any deficiencies and understanding which supplements would best suit your needs as an individual.

Does Testosterone Impact A Person’s Sleep?

testosterone and sleep

The image that most people have immediately when the word “testosterone” is mentioned, is a hyperactive male who is aggressive in behavior and sexually active to a high degree.

While some of the above can be true in males who continually have high levels of the hormone, there is not a one size fits all relationship here.

One interesting result of the varying levels of testosterone in the bodies of males is to do with how much quality sleep they get. 

A “good night’s sleep” could be characterized as enough sleep to feel really rested upon waking up in the morning, and yet some people can get along with very few hours of sleep.

It seems that as men age, there is a tendency for the quality of their sleep to decline, and perhaps the declining levels of testosterone in their bodies is a factor.

The levels of testosterone in a man’s body starts to decline around age 30, and it continues on for the rest of his life until in his 80’s there seems to be very little left. Thus the link between declining sleep habits and the decrease of testosterone is perhaps a reality.

Actual quality sleep goes through several cycles, from a preliminary “surface” sleep, where a person can be easily awakened, to a deeper stage, where the true rest and bodily recuperation occurs. In many cases, people who report that they do not get a good night’s sleep experience, very rarely or never do get into the deep sleep cycle

It has been shown in scientific studies that the individual who has low levels of testosterone will have his brain waves altered to the degree that when he sleeps, his sleep cycle rarely, or never, gets over into the deep sleep cycle.

There are tests that can be conducted to determine a person’s testosterone levels, and if a person is having sleep difficulty, then there are ways to inject or take oral medication to raise the testosterone level. You can also try taking supplements such as the ones profiled on the Natural Testosterone Supplements for Men website  

This could be the simple solution for a man’s bad sleep experiences, which will leave him with fatigue, mental fogginess, and a general state of malaise the next morning.

Not being able to sleep through the night so that one awakens rested, fresh and ready to go, is a bigger problem than many people think. It has been shown that increasing a man’s testosterone to the proper levels will go a long way toward improving his sleep experience.

The Benefits Of Testosterone Boosters

why take test boosters

Testosterone supplements may be worth taking, but before you go out and buy anything you should understand both the risks and benefits of taking them. There are actually many different benefits that testosterone boosters have to offer. Below we will dive into some of the key reasons you should take these products and how they can work well for you.

1. Strength Gains – Testosterone supplements are great to take for gaining strength. When your body has elevated levels of testosterone, then you will find it easier to lift more weights at the gym. If one of your fitness goals is to gain a lot of strength, then consider taking a natural supplement that can increase your testosterone levels.

2. Burn Fat – One of the best things about these supplements is they help you burn fat. Losing body fat can be very difficult for many people, regardless of how much cardio they do or how intense their weight workouts are and how healthy they eat. If you want to burn as much fat as possible and you need a little extra help, then taking a testosterone booster may be for you.

3. Gain Muscle Mass – Testosterone plays a huge role in how much muscle you can pack onto your frame, and this is another reason why you should take a testosterone booster. If you take a good testosterone booster and you eat relatively healthy and train regularly, you should see some good results. The key is to take a quality supplement and train on a regular basis, as this will help you gain solid muscle mass.

4. Increased Energy And Focus – When you take a supplement designed to raise testosterone levels, then you can expect to have more energy, which may also lead to increased focus. Energy and focus can make or break your workout and this is why you should train with you have a good amount of energy. If you have a hard time focusing on your workouts and you don’t have a lot of energy or wish you had more energy for the gym, then taking a testosterone supplement may help you out.

Do you want to gain strength and lift more at the gym and be able to burn fat more efficiently? Do you want to have more energy, increase your focus and gain solid muscle? If you answered yes to those questions, then you should start shopping around for a good testosterone booster, and then you can experience the benefits they have to offer.

5 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Low T can be a massive pain. Maybe you have noticed decreased energy levels, a lower sex drive, increasing fat and a lack of muscle definition. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to raise testosterone levels, there are multiple ways to do this. Testosterone therapy is effective however it is costly, painful and can be very time consuming. Maybe you don’t feel like you need to go to these extremes and you just want a little bump in your t levels so you can live a healthier and more fulfilled life.  There are ways you can do this naturally, we have listed some of them below.

raise t levels with these foods

1. Increase your zinc intake

Zinc is an important part of raising testosterone levels and might do the trick by itself. We actually recommend going to a doctor and testing this out to see how your zinc levels are doing. Zinc is commonly found in foods such as Oysters however can also be taken as a straight supplement. Be careful not to overdo it with Zinc as levels higher than 40mg per day can cause toxicity resulting in headaches and nausea. Oyster extract is a great product for naturally increasing zinc levels effectively.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium is a badass ingredient when it comes to naturally targeting the bodies ability to increase testosterone levels. It actually doesn’t increase the amount of testosterone per say but allows your body to absorb more of the testosterone that is being produced and not let as much go to waste. Foods where you can find Magnesium include most vegetables (especially greens such as spinach), fish, nuts, beans and whole grains such a brown rice. You should be able to meet the recommended levels of Magnesium by increasing your consumption of these products. If you need an extra boost, there are plenty of magnesium supplements on the market.

3. Vitamin D

Ah Vitamin D, the vitamin of the sun. The vitamin D council recommends a minimum level of 50ng/ml in your bloodstream, you might want to get tested.  If you don’t have the recommended amount you should look to supplements. Sun exposure is the best way to get Vitamin D but if you are deficient and you don’t live under the ground you should probably start looking for supplements. Vitamin D has been proven to regulate testosterone levels in the human body.

4. Sleep

That’s right, sleep has been proven to have a massive impact on testosterone production. This really is about health, the better you take care of your body the more it will be able to function at optimal levels. So doing things like sleeping properly, exercising every day and eating healthy (what I call the magic tri-vector) is really going to help you to regulate and maintain healthy levels of testosterone production and absorption.

5. Natural Testosterone Boosters

These are supplements that are designed to give you the correct doses of a combination of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc. Think of these supplements as a all-in-one solution to get all of those natural ingredients you need to increase t levels without having to take them all as separate supplements. Be careful to make sure you know what is in the ingredients list and you fully understand the impact of each ingredient on your body. There are some great products out there, for example check out some Prime Male results, but there are also some less effective ones, read this Anabolic Freak review. Be sure to get your tests done first to make sure you are not putting too much of any one ingredient into your body.

This has rounded out our article on how to increase testosterone levels naturally. We hope you really enjoyed it. Remember that this is not a substitution for medical advice and to always talk to your physician if in doubt.

For more great info and to educate yourself further make sure you check out our full list of mens health articles.