What is MCT Oil?

mct oil comes from coconuts

MCT or medium chain triglycerides oil is one of the best sources of fatty acids you can consume. It comes with a good combination of fatty acids derived from coconuts. It easily stands out in terms of absorption and profile of acids which recommends it for weight loss (ClevelandLeader.com – MCT Oil for Weight Loss). Even more, it can also be among the recommended solutions when it comes to weight loss and especially the diets low in carbohydrates such as the Keto diet.

MCT oil and fatty acids

MCT oil is thus used on different low carbohydrate diets to offer extra energy (ClevelandLeader.com – MCT Oil for Energy). This is why it can be considered among the leading options when it comes to better health, and with improved overall results when it comes to absorption, it can be one of the nutrients consumed to boost energy and focus.

MCT oil is also superior to the more popular coconut oil as it comes with an improved absorption rate. With the Ketogenic diet, it offers an increased amount of ketones in the blood which are then used for energy. Furthermore, it is also important to know that you can see improved overall results when it comes to better overall energy. Even more, it can be one of the best solutions when it comes to versatility as well. MCT oil can be used in plain, in different foods or different drinks. This is why it is important to know that you can even use the oil in different diets which require a higher energy output. This is where the bulletproof coffee drink can be prepared for extra energy just by adding MCT oil. Even more, it is also important to know that you can consume the oil plain to add the healthy fats your body needs.

If you are not on a low carbohydrate diet, you can use more affordable alternatives such as coconut oil. But once you want to optimize the C8 and C10 acid intake you will need to look for quality MCT oil. Even more, it can also be important to know that you can consume the MCT oil to boost the efforts during the diet. This is why you will not see any real results if you do not base the oil on actual foods which are targeted towards your diet. This is why you need to ensure your diet is in place and use MCT oil to improve your results furtherer.

What Are The Best Supplements For Men?

supplements for men

Feeling good, both inside and out, is a priority for everyone, men included! However, if you are a guy who is keen to look after your health and wellbeing, you may be wondering which of the endless supplements are worth taking? We know that it can be overwhelming to choose between the many pills, liquids, and powders available, so allow us to tell you about a few supplements that we think are worthy of your consideration.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can work wonders in your body. As well as being required to produce enough testosterone, Vitamin D also helps to maintain healthy bones, to prevent mood disorders and to control blood pressure levels. It can also help to lower inflammation in the body, and we all know that inflammation is no one’s best friend.

Vitamin B12

While you may be taking in a sufficient amount of B12 in your diet (you tend to get it from foods like beef, poultry, and eggs), men can have trouble with absorption, especially if they take various medications. If you are not sure about how your B12 levels are shaping up, you can have them tested to decide whether and how much you need to supplement by.

Vitamins A C and E

These are known as antioxidant vitamins and can fight free radical damage. By ensuring our body has plenty of these Vitamins we can cut down the chance of issues like cancer, vision loss, heart disease, and very importantly, the aging process!

In fact, antioxidant vitamins can also help to avoid irritated skin, dry skin conditions, and a weakened immune system. Certainly, these are supplements very worthy of our consideration!

Vitamin K

Heart disease is responsible for countless deaths among adult men. Having a Vitamin K deficiency may not be helping in these cases. Vitamin K helps the body to build and maintain strong bones, as well as aiding in blood clotting.


An essential electrolyte which plays a role in over 300 different chemical processes, Magnesium can help to prevent conditions such as high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease as well as many others. Men who have to cope with a lot of stress, have regular workouts or have a digestive disorder can have low magnesium levels.

Fish Oil

We often hear about fish oil these days and the many benefits that it can bring. Make sure that you are getting the right ratio of your Omegas; you should be aiming to get double the Omega-6s to the Omega-3s.

Indeed, if you are a man who cares about his overall health and appearance you do well to consider the supplements available on the market and consult a site such as supplementinvestigator.com. Rather than get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available, take the time to find out which supplement could make a real difference in your life. Remember, consulting a healthcare provider is the right way of diagnosing any deficiencies and understanding which supplements would best suit your needs as an individual.

Essential Vitamins for Energy

With age, energy levels drop for all individuals with the desire to workout. Even more, active people might feel the lack of true energy without good vitamins. This is why you will need to ensure you get the best vitamins in your diet when it comes to good energy levels.

But is choosing these vitamins over other options the right way to go? When it comes to prioritizing vitamins, the opinions might be divided. However, if you feel a lack of energy you can use the following vitamins to boost you to your best form.

Vitamin C

One of the most popular vitamins, the Vitamin C plays an important role in the energy level of the body. This means that you will have the ability to actively choose foods which are high in Vitamin C such as oranges or lemons. The vitamins play an important role when it comes to your immune system and the energy level. This is why so many people prefer to drink fresh orange juice every morning. Even more, there are plenty cultures which eat oranges or other citrus fruits for breakfast to give them a good energy boost for the rest of the day. Practically, you can ensure you start every day with a good energy which will positively impact your mood as well.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or niacin is one of the essential vitamins of the body. It plays an important role in your metabolism, lack of sleep and even if the low energy levels. This is why many doctors will actually recommend the vitamin to many patients which might also show symptoms of tiredness. The vitamin can be naturally found in many accessible foods but can also be supplemented. Ideally, you will start eating a diet which will not allow you to be deficient in the vitamin, but you can also take a great vitamin supplement if you need to balance the levels in your body.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 or the pantothenic acid also plays an important role in the hormone balance of the body. Again, the vitamin can be supplemented if you are looking to improve the balance of the vitamins in your body. Together with the Vitamin B3, it will represent one of the great options to improve the natural levels of energy of your body. For the best results, you can even prioritize certain foods which are rich in these vitamins but for long-term supplementation, you should not avoid discussing the issue with your doctor or checking out more info at DrenchFit.

Colon Health and Cleansing 101

With increasingly active lifestyles and significantly less time for healthy living, a balanced colon is very important when looking after the human body.

It is vitally important that you look after your intestines and one the biggest reasons why so many people have a colon that is not in optimal health is that they are not consuming enough fibre in their diet. There are several things to look for in an unhealthy colon, some of the biggest signs are mucous in your stools and constipation.

You should not enable an unhealthy colon to become a breeding place for toxic poisons, parasites, illness and loss of life. Colon treatment can also provide assistance in getting rid of parasites without a need for the large medications normally prescribed to treat them. There are a number of colon cleaning products on the marketplace today that will cleanse the colon and expel parasites.

Colon healthProducts that can cleanse the colon or a simple treatment are great, healthy and natural treatments to hard, prescription medicines that can mess with your body. An unhealthy colon is a great breeding place for parasites and poisons so you need to take this very seriously and do not let you colon go without treatment for too long. There are a few different products on the market that can do this and you should definitely check them out.

It is imperative that you eat enough fibre, if you consume too much saturated fat, sugars and not enough fibres then over time impacted faeces can build up on the inside of the colon wall. Probiotics is another great colon cleanser and preventative treatment option, examples of this include Yoghurt. Also healthy amounts of sleep and drinking a lot of water plus routine exercise have all been proven to help with overall colon health. However, even if you eat all of this it is still possible to get build ups in the colon lining making it essential to get cleansing done every now and again. You might be shocked to see the inside of your colon right now.

Colon cleansing is the greatest defence in opposition to colon toxicity, it is as simple as sustaining a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. So make sure you cleanse your colon as soon as possible.

There are a whole boat load of solutions on the market to get your colon cleansed, so make sure you have a look through all the product reviews out there and select one that suits you.  A colon cleansing can in fact support in body-weight reduction as well, some people have documented losing up to 25 pounds in body weight as the result of a thorough cleansing.

A colon in good health is certainly vital to one’s general well-being, particularly when you contemplate that literally every little thing that you consume is going to contribute to the build up in your colon. Be sure to take lots of fibre plus clean out your colon on a very regular basis in order to help with this.

We invest good money on the items we use to look after ourselves however this is one area that largely goes ignored. Well looking after the colon should be no different, make sure to learn from those who have used colon cleansing items and solutions to get a better idea of how it all works and why it is important.

If you don’t look after your colon properly this can lead to in the worst case Colorectal Cancer. This is a worst case scenario but it would definitely be best to do everything you can right now to make sure this never happens. For more info, watch the video below.


Try Family Meals to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy!


Eating as a family is an experience that both parents and kids alike can enjoy equally. Interestingly, children actually like routine and adapt to it very easily so getting them to sit up at the dinner table may not be as difficult as you imagine. To the parents out there, this is a great opportunity to touch base and share thoughts and ideas with your children.

Did you know that children who have family meals in their life are more likely to experience the following health benefits?

  1. They are much more likely to consume grains, vegetables and fruits on a more regular basis, especially being there to police their behavior can help.
  2. They are less like to eat unhealthy snacks throughout the day.
  3. Interestingly, as they grow up they are less likely to take up smoking, alcohol and marijuana.

These meals are also a great opportunity for you the parent to teach and be role models for kids in how to eat healthy, and even in how to make healthy food delicious.

If you have some trouble getting your children to the dinner table and building a healthy eating habit, then here are some ideas you could try implementing:

  • Ask your children to invite a friend over for dinner, this will make sure they are at the table.
  • Actually turn making dinner into a game, have some fun getting your children to help out in the kitchen and they are sure to hang around to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
  • Don’t push them about healthy food. The first goal is to get them to the table, be content with that for now. If you try and force things upon them, get angry at them or start lecturing then they are less likely to take up this routine. Make it easy, calm and fun.

You can still have family meals even with takeout, although you should strive for a nutritious home cook meal to build health but it also increases feelings of bonding among family members. It also makes the occasion more important to children if they feel like a lot of work and preparation has gone into this, it makes a meal into an event.

You should try and do this for every dinner, but if you absolutely can’t then at least try and make a weekly event where everyone sits down together. This will bring the family together, make the kids feel a more a part of something bigger than themselves and allow you to introduce healthy eating through example. This is as much about looking after the kids and their feelings of family unity which have a massive impact on mental health than it is about physical well-being.

Thanks to kidshealth.org, their information was helpful in this article.

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